Follow these safety tips to promote a SAFE and enjoyable experience for everyone

  • We provide helmets with the rental. Please wear it, it's for your protection and it's the law.
  • Beware of pedestrians -slow down when approaching or passing
  • Ring your bell to let people know you're near
  • Two hands on the handlebars at all times - (Don't even think of using your phone!)
  • Use the designated bike lanes and stay off the sidewalks
  • Only one rider per vehicle - no doubling!
  • Resist the urge to stunt ride - (damages may be charged back to you)



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1-888-667-2668 Call us if you run into trouble or have questions during your ride
  • Avoid riding in the rain, as this can affect battery performance and roads may be slippery
  • Be aware of your surroundings - avoid curbs, potholes, puddles, and loose gravel and sand
  • Don't ride under the influence of drugs or alcohol - GoScoot has the right to refuse rental if you are deemed unfit to ride).
  • Decelerate when going downhill. Use both brakes to slow down.
  • Inspect your e-scooter before you ride to ensure everything works well and you know how to properly operate it
  • Pace yourself. Do not go full speed (25 km/hour) if you're not a fully competent rider.


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