Transforming Go Scoot is a locally owned and operated Vancouver business!

We're on a mission to change the way people in Vancouver move around and explore the city. Go Scoot is proud to offer reliable, zero-emission e-scooter to make your trip easy and fun. 

Our passion for e-scooters all started during the pandemic shut down and we were bored and down right restless! Once we hopped on these powerful, two-wheeled wonders, we were hooked! How amazing! You could explore the beautiful city of Vancouver so quickly and effortlessly.  It was from this fabulous experience, Go Scoot was born. We launched our shop located in Coal Harbour, downtown Vancouver in the Spring of 2021! 


Riding the Micromobility Trend

E-scooters are easily the most efficient mode of transportation in the global micromobility movement, which is pushing to reduce car use and congestion in inner cities.

The Renewable City Strategy is Vancouver's long-term plan to shift building and transportation energy use in the entire city to 100% renewables before 2050. Achieving the goal will lead to cleaner air and a healthier environment, and will strengthen Vancouver’s economy.

(source: www.CarbonNeutralCities .org)


Have no fears! Our professional staff is more than happy to teach you how to safely ride an e-scooter and allow you to try our demo model.